Wapka 2016 Method to Show Image in Forum with Morethan 20kb Size (100% Working)

Many people are finding it to hard to show image of more than 20kb in their forum,
here is a very simple tutorial to do so. To show image in wapka forums  which is above 20kb.wapka image in forum more than 2okb

Go to your site > Edit site > Global sittings > forums > wcode > then untick[ img]
Next Go to your site > Edit site > wap2 > styles for forums and chat > Global style for forums > Messages in forums > then Remove ::msg:: and Replace it with below code
<textarea><span name=”john”>::msg::</span></textarea>
Now Goto Your Forum Bottom Autocontent And Paste This Code
<textarea> <script language=”javascript” src=”http://ethio-pic.xtgem.com/javascript/M20kb_Image_show_wapka.js”></script></textarea>
<textarea><script language=”javascript”> var msg=document.getElementsByName(“john”); for(var i=0;i<msg.length;i++){ var txt=document.getElementsByName(“john”)[i].innerHTML;  txt=txt.replace(/[ img](.+?)[ /img]/ig,'<img src=”$1″ alt=”Loading” />’); document.getElementsByName(“john”)[i].innerHTML=txt; } </script></textarea>
The two above scripts have the same function,
for perfect work i advice you to use the first script.


Remove a space between [ img] in the second code in order for it to work.


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